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Ida and Andreas got married at Vallby Friluftsmuseum July 28th last year. Their full story is now on my website! Check it out to get the love boost we all need in the darkness av January. See the beauty in the ugly. Saturday night and time for dancing, kissing and loving.

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A fairytale princess wedding! And here is their preview.

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Dream City Orchestra — Green Mornings. Who wants a flower necklace for their wedding? Or who wants to actually re-marry just to get it right and wear a flower necklace for their wedding?

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Actually still very satisfied with my second wedding dress for the party part which is the exact one henriettabohm is wearing at this photo. So happy we could use it for our Despite the crippling cold they were absolutely amazing throughout the day. Hair by Stina at No.

I literally cannot stop crying. I am so tired — both body and mind — but I am so, so thankful, for what I got to experience yesterday, with Fotograf Michaela Zabel by my side. They are true heros in my world. My wonderful sisterinlaw at No. Gorgeous flower work by nagotgammaltnagotnytt. Thank you for letting me experience this.

Dating in the dark sverige maria

I took this photo two days ago, before leaving the bride to go see the groom. I could have stayed there for hours. This has been a year of chaos. I have gotten to experience SO much. I have visited ten different countries, some of them more than once.

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I have filmed more than 20 fantastic weddings, visited three w All in all a great year with lots and lots of happy stuff. But also a year of stress, anxiety, too little quality time with my family and definately too little taking care of my self. That leaves me at the end of with a body that is at the lowest point in my entire life.

And that will not be my story.

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I get to work with wonderful colleagues at wonderful places, with wonderful couples. Thank you for hanging with me here at instagram. I really appreciate all of you. I wish you a fantastic ! It has rushed by. I might do one, but not before starts.