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I have proposed the Type 64 P with a better gun that of the M41 Walker bulldog but they gave me this type 64 H , which is meh Edited by Lahn, Nov 01 - Kobra 8 Posted Nov 01 - This tank is overpriced, and garbage. No it's not, it's a great tank I'm loving it!

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  • What's with all the hype about the type 64???;
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Very fast and maneuverable, awesome camo values and the gun is pretty good as well. It's like a Chinese Cromwell. ZeBilly 10 Posted Nov 01 - Very fast with sluggish maneuverability in anything but hard ground!

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  4. What's with all the hype about the type 64????
  5. It's like a Chinese LTP. The only things I'd change about it if I could would be to give it regular tank matchmaking so it only sees tier 8 and increase the ammo capacity from 45 pieces to at least 60 pieces of ammo.

    Type 64, Crew Training/Equipment To Pick, For All To Find Out

    This thing plays a lot like a T49 due to the tiny amount of ammo it can carry. You really have to place your shots well and be conservative with your targets unless you want to be out of ammo halfway through a match.

    A few blind shots or misses here and there and you are really at a disadvantage. Also going by Chinese standards I am very impressed with the fact that this tank has fairly good gun depression. Beecher 12 Posted Nov 02 - First and foremost OP unless you don't ever plan on running any Chinese lights you should be putting a crew from another Chinese light into it and NOT running a tank specific crew in it. It's open top so it can't mount vents and the aim time seems pretty fast so it doesn't seem to need a GLD.

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    7. Good thing with the Binos is you can demount for free. Edited by heavymetal, Nov 02 - Heres a video of it being driven by a very good player quickybaby. Lahn 15 Posted Nov 04 - RougeOperator 16 Posted Nov 09 - And I did have luck when i played it like a t49 vs trying to play it light a straight up speedy light. One of my clan mates said he used it like a t But I think it bleeds speed a bit too much on turning and its turret roation if not so good cause of how fast it moves.

      A bit passive scout and snipy. Psykmoe 17 Posted Nov 10 - I run optics and a rammer.

      Top 7 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks | AllGamers

      Not sure on third slot. Sometimes I use a net, but I've also been considering enhanced suspensions just in case, or maybe CO2, but I don't know if the tank suffers from fuel tank fires as much as other chinese vehicles. US components, after all. Too bad Chinese tanks can't take a Cyclone Filter to make the engine last longer with removed speed governor. I dont think anyone considers it a seal clubber tank.

      Bit of a T67 at tier VI with a smaller gun or a Hellcat with smaller guan and faster rate of fire.

      Type 64, Crew Training/Equipment To Pick, For All To Find Out

      Type 64 is a beast on PC and console. I guess people are assuming that it is gonna be good in Blitz as well. From what I've seen, I don't think its gonna be that monster that it is on PC or console. It's neat and looks fun to drive.

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      Type 64 is literally a Hellcat with a 76mm gun. That is actually true. WipWapJaws 7 Posted 22 December - Strigonx 8 Posted 22 December - VonMiller58 9 Posted 22 December - Strigonx 10 Posted 22 December - Also tagged with why?